Wisdom of the Carpenter

Jesus preached a radical message of individual spiritual awakening. Wisdom of the Carpenter presents those teachings with 365 prayers designed for the contemporary seeker. Incorporating his own new translations of the earliest available texts, comparative religion scholar Ron Miller brings Jesus’ voice and advice to life, while his added commentary relates Jesus’ teachings to those of the world’s other great religious traditions. Little-known teachings of Jesus from the Gospel of Thomas, the Book of Q, and other lost sources are included. Every day we struggle to find balance and direction in our lives. No matter the time of year or… Read more…

William James’ Revolution

When it was first published in 1902, The Varieties of Religious Experience caused a revolution, a quantum leap, a paradigm shift. James opened the door to the scientific study of religious experience, probing the relationship between religion and psychology. It is obvious no one can have a religious experience without brain activity. The salient question is whether this brain activity is the mediator or creator of the experience. This classic text by William James should be required reading for anyone wanting to study religion. But years of college teaching convinced the author that this is a daunting read for most… Read more…

unpacking the parables

Unpacking the Parables

When the Gospel of Thomas was discovered in the sands of Egypt some sixty years ago, an earthquake hit New Testament scholarship. Evidence that Thomas might be earlier than the four gospels opened up some new doors. The author entered one of those doors in writing this book. He used Thomas’s version of a parable whenever that existed. And the Jesus discovered through this method might surprise you.